OLSC’s 33rd Annual Surf Contest and Beach Festival Honoring: LJ Richards

The Oceanside Longboard Surfing Club is honoring LJ Richards this year as a long time member, amazing waterman, and great human being! We are stoked to have LJ as a member of our club and a huge part of the legacy for the OLSC!

Our event t-shirt, poster and program cover is a slightly modified version of the original cover from Surfer Magazine. This issue was published in 1962. The photo was taken by John Severson from the Oceanside Pier. The original surfboard LJ was riding was clear but since this was a colored cover John Severson decided to make the board red.

We were able to get permission from John to use his image on 4/15/2017.

“You have my permission to use the LJ photo from the cover of Surfer—1962 vol 3. Have a great event, and give my best to LJ. Congratulations, and Aloha, John Severson.”

LJ Richards Story

This is the story the was printed in the 33rd Annual OLSC program. The web edition has additional images and video.

LJ Richards Award Ceremony

Check out images and a special message from LJ about receiving his award from the Oceanside Longboard Surfing Club.

photos courtesy of: Jerry Jaramillo
What an incredible weekend!  Thank you to all the OLSC members who pitched in and helped to put this event on!  It is always a massive undertaking but we are so lucky to have a great club.  A special thanks to the OLSC Board of Directors (and those of you who function like BOD)  and officers who spent many tireless hours for months planning and implementing this contest.
OLSC rocks! – Gretchen Harris

33rd Annual Oceanside Longboard Surfing Club Results

Menehune Boys

  1. Patrick O’Connor—OLSC
  2. Tommy Coleman—DLSA
  3. Koa McClung—DLSA
  4. Chance Hendricks—OLSC
  5. Ethan Coleman—DLSA
  6. William Hennessey—CSC

Jr Men 15-19

  1. Kevin Skvarna—OLSC
  2. Koby Gilchrist—CSC
  3. Ben Knappes—DLSA
  4. Cole Quinlan—CSA
  5. Noah Slawson—CSC
  6. Jovan Smith-Scott—HBLC

Men 20-29

  1. David Arganda—OLSC
  2. Joe Rickabaugh—VSC
  3. Christian Stutzman—SSA
  4. Austin Sonnier—OLSC
  5. Matt Suckel—DLSA
  6. Martin Cabala—LBSC

Sr Men 30-39

  1. Jerry Swearingen—OLSC
  2. Brendan White—OLSC
  3. Mike Stidham—OLSC
  4. Dylan Mignona—MSA
  5. Brendan Castile—SSA
  6. Steve Newton—OLSC

Masters 40-49

  1. RJ Hervey—DLSA
  2. Phil Castenolla—PBSC
  3. Derek Erickson—OLSC
  4. Bing Cosby—OLSC
  5. Shea Roney—SSA
  6. Rob Farrow—SSA

Grand Masters 50-59

  1. Mike Emerson—CSC
  2. Michael Takayama—OLSC
  3. Mike Gillard—WSC
  4. Terry Gillard—CSA
  5. Brando Brandelius—PBSC
  6. Chris Makai—CSC

Legends 60-69

  1. Whitney Guild—CSC
  2. Walter Focht—LBSC
  3. Pablo Smith—PBSC
  4. Bob Pierce–WSC
  5. Gary Sahagan—HBLC
  6. Tom Kunz—VSC

Super Legends 70+

  1. Ron Pendleton—LBSC
  2. Jim Garrison—OLSC
  3. Otis Sistrunk—CSC
  4. Jim Lattis—OLSC
  5. Bill Strauss—CSC
  6. Greg Cochran—PPSC
  7. Mike Dreebin—MSA

Menehune Girls

  1. Avalon Gall—OLSC
  2. Summer Richley—DLSA
  3. Sage MClung—DLSA
  4. Brooke Ochoa—OLSC
  5. Hana Cosby-OLSC
  6. Gelsey Rico—OLSC

Jr Women 15-19

  1. Liv Stokes—DLSA
  2. Avalon Gall—OLSC
  3. Frankie Seely—MSA
  4. Brooke Ochoa—OLSC
  5. Drew Shonert—LBSC
  6. Kiara Wallace—PPSC

Women 20-34

  1. Kaitlin Maguire–OLSC
  2. Hallie Rohr—DLSA
  3. Makala Smith—OLSC
  4. Kasie Perkins—OLSC
  5. Emily Flannigan—PPSC
  6. Leigh Powell—OLSC

Sr Women 35-49

  1. Jessica Taft—OLSC
  2. Ida Chi—SSA
  3. Beth O’Rourke—MSA
  4. Phoenix Coverly—PBSC
  5. Kim Harris—DLSA
  6. Alisa Prestie—OLSC

Women 50+

  1. Sunset Suzy—OLSC
  2. Carla Verbrugghan—LJSSA
  3. Stacy Willis—OLSC
  4. Jill Lemuiex—LBSC
  5. Leah Conroy—OLSC
  6. Mel Rogers—CSA


  1. OLSC
  2. DLSA
  3. LBSC
  4. PBSC
  5. PPSC
  6. CSC
  7. SSA
  8. CSA
  9. WSC
  10. MSA
  11. HBLC
  12. TLSC
  13. VSC
  14. LJSSA
  15. MBC
  16. SDSL
  17. BSSA

Stand Up Paddle

  1. Daniel Hughes—LBSC
  2. Chuck Glynn—OLSC
  3. Chris Makai—CSC
  4. Derek Erickson—OLSC
  5. Niki Newman—LBSC
  6. Fast Fred-OLSC

17th Annual Guy Takayama PRO-AM Noseriding Results

1. Steve Newton
2. Tony Silvagni
3. Christian Stutzman
4. Dakota Faircloth
5. David Arganda-equal 5th
5. Cole Quinlan-equal 5th
7. Bobby Hasbrooke—equal 7th
7. Mike Stidham—equal 7th

Guy Takayama PRO-AM Open Results

1. Tony Silvagni
2. Andy Nieblas
3. Christian Stutzman
4. Steve Newton
5. Noah Shimabukuro-equal 5th
5. Brendan White—equal 5th
7. Morgan Faulkner—equal 7th
7. Austin Sonnier-equal 7th


  1. Travis Long/Erica Ancier-OLSC
  2. Brian/Illa McEvilly—WSC
  3. Caleb Willborn/Stephanie Gailley—OLSC
  4. Daniel Hughes/Caroline Carpernter—LBSC
  5. Debbie/Mark Gale—DLSA

Tri-City Physicians/Military /OLSC Pros

  1. Dr Ron Park/Mollie Hebeda/Kevin Skvarna
  2. Kaitlin Maguire/Billy Harris
  3. Dr Mark Yamanoka/John Ferriter/Lisa Tom
  4. Dr Smith/Nick Myers/Candy
  5. Dr Jack Schimm/Jon Cartrett/Guy Takayama


  1. Chris Oberle
  2. Spike Cane
  3. Mark Thornton–OLSC


  1. Joe Rickabaugh—VSC
  2. Bing Cosby—OLSC
  3. Gary Sahagan—HBLC
  4. John Welch—MBC
  5. Otis Sistrunk–CSC
  6. Marcello Lobos–SSA
  7. Danielle—SDSL
  8. Steve Bell—LBSC
  9. PBSC
  10. Greg Cochran—PPSC

Paddle Race

  1. OLSC
  2. LBSC
  3. PBSC
  4. PPSC


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