17th Annual Guy Takayama PRO-AM Noseriding Event

August 11 - 12, 2017

Oceanside, CA - Oceanside Pier


Noseriding Rules and Regulations

  1. Boards must be a minimum of nine feet in length.
  2. Leashes are not allowed.
  3. Heat score is the total accumulated noseriding time on the target area of your top two waves.  In the event of a tie, the third wave will be counted as a tiebreaker.
  4. All heats have four contestants.
  5. Heats are twenty minutes with a maximum of seven waves.
  6. Finals are thirty minutes long with a maximum of ten waves (be selective).
  7. Timed target area; front twenty four inches of board, separated with a wide contrasting colored stripe.
  8. Time will be stopped if contestant grabs their rails of falls of their boards.
  9. Interference will be as follows: In a peak situation, the surfer closest to the peak has possession. In a non-peak situation, the first surfer up has possession.
  10. Head judge will make the final call on interference.

The event will be filled on a first to sign up and pay basis.

There will be a $5000.00 purse.  Prize money will be distributed from 1-8th place.

No spots will be held without payment.  Entry Fee is $125.

After completing the form submission you can pay for the event by using the PayPal link below which accepts all types of credit cards and does not require you to have a PayPal account or contact Gretchen Harris at gharrisfam@gmail.com to arrange payment.